Below are the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients.

What will I be paying for?

  • When you book with Affinity Escorts you're getting more than just an escort, you're paying for an experience like no other, and we ensure no matter what that all fees are paid to our escorts all for their time, travel and the general companionship that comes with all of our escorts.  Although when it comes to clients and escorts sharing time together, anything can be agreed through the both of you, and everything discussed will be confidential.

What information will I need to give when it comes to booking an escort?

  • When booking with an escort you will always need a range of personal details that will be required, whether you're booking In Call or Out Call. The information that is needed will be a clients Full Name, Contact Number, Full Address and Post Code (Out Call Only) , Room Number of Hotel (Out Call Only) . Please make sure you're calling from mobile or landlines which are not withheld as these numbers are not accepted. Having the information above will ensure a booking with any escort, In Call or Out Call.

Do all escorts offer In Calls?

  • Unfortunately not all of our escorts offer In Call locations, this is down to many of them not being available to have clients at their homes, due to privacy and general unavailability. This being said many of these escorts are happy to provide an Out Call service, where you may enjoy her in the comfort and safety of your own home, or hotel room.  Make sure you look at our escorts profiles to make sure they do In Call before you book them.

How do I book an escort from Affinity Escorts?

  • At Affinity Escorts, we work hard each day to make it easier for our clients to find what they're looking for, with clarity and ease. With this being said, we have made a tab on our website dedicated to booking an escort, with this Booking Tab you're able to fill out a form where you can also include extra requests that you would like approved. You may also get in touch with us via email or telephone, where you may make the same booking only this time talking to a friendly member of staff. Make sure you visit our pages for more on what is accepted when booking an escort.

Can I cancel my booking?

  • Of course, cancelling a booking is no problem at all, it is understandable that plans change, we ask that if you feel like you need to cancel a booking then please make sure you give us notice that is acceptable. The average notice for a cancellation is 90 minutes before your chosen escort arrives, if you cancel in a time which makes us feel like you have gone against our regulations, then we have the ability to charge a £50 fee. We hope this is understandable, as much of our organisation and efficiency is hindered on clients not give a reasonable notice for cancelling a booking.

Can I ask for a unique and particular service from the escort?

  • Yes, you will be able to. Remember you're paying our escorts for their time and companionship. Anything you do together is up to the both of you to decide, and considering whether she gives consent, you will be able to have any service you like.  Feel free to enquire about what services our escorts will be open to, and we may be able to match you with your dream escort.

Can escorts dress up in a way I like?

  • This is a great example of the services we provide, yes they will be able to dress up in an outfit that will please their clients. This is by far part of the experience and excitement that is involved with escorting, and with this being said we make sure our escorts are able to dress up in anything our clients wish for. Please make sure you let us know on what requirement you wish for, so we are able to make it all happen.


Can I smoke at the escorts house?

  • This is purely down the the preferences of the escort you have chosen, although any of our escorts do not permit smoking in their houses, this will mainly be down to our escorts not being smokers. Although if you're in your own home then many of our escorts may be open to being around it. Make sure you check with your escort first before making any plans.

How do I pay for my Booking?

  • You can pay for a Booking in two ways, the most popular being by cash, and this will be paid to the escort as soon as you meet. We encourage our escorts to count the money as soon as they have it, as this will cut back on any moments where they have underpaid, and this is best found at at the start than the end of the time. The second way of paying is through bank transfer, we do not accept credit cards, cheques or bit coin.

How long are Overnight bookings?

  • Overnight booking usually vary between 8 Hours, 10 Hours, and 12 hours. Make sure you have a keen look on your chosen escorts profile to see whether they're available to an overnight booking. You can also get in touch to find out how long of an overnight the escorts are open to.

Will the escort I choose be the same as the one in the pictures?

  • There is no need to worry, we ensure that each and everyone of our escorts are 100% the same as in their photos. All images across the site are verified and legitimate, if you feel like our photos are not legitimate then please get in touch to let us know and we will look into the matter.

Are the details I provided confidential?

  • Yes. One of our biggest rules we stand by is client confidentiality, and we make sure no details are shared on the escorts, staff or third party organisation. They are only shared with those who need to see the details to make your booking possible.

Are your services discreet?

  • We make sure our escorts are discreet at all times, and will only change when you want to. We understand how many Out Call locations are in the open, and clients are always wanting a discreet looking escort to meet them. With this being said we have made sure each and every escorts is discreet up until the point in which you no longer want it.

Can I take my escort out on a date?

  • Absolutely! We encourage our clients to do so as there is nothing our escorts love more than getting to know their client over a wonderful date of your choice. This also acts as a great icebreaker for those who are a little nervous.

Do you recommend activities for me and my escort?

  • We do, we have a few small recommendations on our location pages for things to do in that area with your chosen escort. You can find these recommendation on our location pages, and most of them being recommended by our very own escorts. This will ensure our clients have an idea on what they can do with their escort. 

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